SAND IN THE CITY - OMAHA 2015 / by Darin Blair

Power of Bacon

This was another great year for Nebraska Children's Home Societies', Sand in the City.   

This year SO Architecture teamed up with Creighton. After eight messy hours of shoveling, pounding and sculpting sand, we ended up with a sculpture to be proud of. There were a couple of tense moments towards the end of the build when I thought we wouldn’t finish, but in the end, the sculpture really came together. It boiled down to the fact that we had a great team this year that pulled through when it mattered most. 

Our team’s sculpture was themed The Three Little Pigs. For the design, we added a twist to the story with the Three Little Pigs tricking the Wolf after he had already blown down the straw house. With a decoy pig placed in the stick house the Wolf doesn’t realize the Pigs are getting ready to get back at him by dropping an anvil onto a bellows, that in turn will give him a taste of his own medicine. The sculpture was aptly named, “The Power of Bacon”.

To top the day off, we walked away with a couple of awards as well.  Our team got an award for the best putt-putt since we added a mini golf green to the sculpture (a new option for this year). And my co-designer, PJ Goulet and I got the award for Best Design. 

The following day I stopped by the event with my family to see it in full swing.  They really went all out with acts on a stage, food venders, bounce houses and other activities for the kids as well as live sand sculpting by some real pros.  During the event on Saturday and Sunday the public could vote for their favorite sculpture.  Then to top the weekend off, we won the People’s Choice award as well.

I can’t stress how great (and fun) of an event this is and I am honored and lucky to get to be a part of it.  A special thanks to everyone who helped put this on and volunteered their time, money and muscle to make it happen.  Most importantly, NCHS was able to raise money and bring awareness to the great things they do for our community, families and children. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out this year, make sure you put it on your calendar for 2016!

For some more information about our team, check out this article from Creighton.